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11 New Female Authors of Women’s Romance Fiction Books

New female authors are setting the literary world on fire with their 2024 romance fiction releases. Whether you’re a die-hard romantic or just in search of a story that speaks to the soul, these up-and-coming authors are weaving narratives that resonate with anyone who’s ever been in love.

Romance literature has long held a special place in the world of storytelling, offering readers the chance to escape into tales of love, passion, and the human spirit. In recent years, the genre has seen a renaissance, with female authors at the forefront, crafting narratives that resonate with readers across the globe.

Here, we present 11 of the most captivating new female authors who have ventured into the landscape of women’s best romance fiction books.

Author Highlight: D.S. Johnson-Mills (Book: Choosing Me)

Choosing Me Romance Novel

D.S. Johnson-Mills, a fresh voice in Women’s Contemporary Fiction, has made an impressive debut with her novel “Choosing Me.” Hailing from the tropical island of Montserrat, B.W.I, Johnson-Mills has crafted a compelling narrative that expertly blends love, loyalty, and family dynamics.

‘Choosing Me’ is part one of a series of books that chronicles the journey of a young Bostonian as she navigates through different stages of her life.  To escape a troubled past, she moves to London and forges a new path. But sometimes no matter how far you try to run, your past will eventually catch up with you.

Readers follow the path of the protagonist, Dylan, who finds solace in the vibrant city of London, escaping heartbreak and sibling rivalry.

The narrative introduces us to enthralling characters and heartwarming friendships, making it a captivating read from start to end.

“Choosing Me” has garnered positive responses from readers, who appreciate its realistic portrayal of love and relationships. They applaud Johnson-Mills for delivering a story that is both emotionally resonant and highly engaging.

List of New Female Authors of Romance Fiction Books

Imagine a weekend curled up with a book that understands the heart’s deepest desires. That’s the magic waiting to be discovered in the pages penned by these remarkable new voices in women’s romance.

Dive into narratives that do more than just tell a story—they reach out, touch your heart, and ignite your belief in the power of love.

Below are the top 11 outstanding new female authors, whose novels are rapidly becoming a must-have on every romance reader’s bookshelf.

1) Noreen Mughees (Book: The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed)

Noreen Mughees, a fresh face in the literary world who has made an exciting debut with her novel, “The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed”. This book was first published on October 10, 2023, and it’s already turning heads.

“The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed” is a captivating romance novel that explores contemporary themes. It’s a remarkable addition to genres like Contemporary Fiction, Adult, and Disability.

The novel seems to offer a unique perspective, blending elements of romance with disability, making it a rich narrative that extends beyond the usual boundaries of the romance genre.

The book is not just about romance; it also delves into contemporary life, exploring various themes and nuances that make it a compelling read. The novel is a testament to Noreen’s ability to weave a complex narrative that appeals to a wide range of readers.

What sets Noreen Mughees apart is her ability to write relatable characters and situations. Her writing style is approachable yet engaging, drawing readers into the world she creates. With “The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed”, Noreen has set a promising precedent for her future works.

2) Delise Torres (Book: One Tough Cookie)

Delise Torres is an emerging author who has made a remarkable entry into the literary world with her debut novel, “One Tough Cookie”. The book was first published on July 18, 2023, and it’s been capturing readers’ attention ever since.

“One Tough Cookie” is a delightful romance novel that weaves in elements of contemporary fiction. It’s a vibrant addition to the genre of Contemporary Romance and Chick Lit. Moreover, the novel also touches upon the theme of food, making it a delectable read for food-lovers.

What makes this novel stand out is its exploration of modern life through relatable characters and situations.

The story of “One Tough Cookie” dives deep into contemporary themes while maintaining a light-hearted tone. The novel also explores the complexities of relationships, making it a compelling read for anyone seeking a novel that goes beyond the usual tropes of the romance genre.

3) Neely Tubati Alexander (Book: Love Buzz)

Neely Tubati Alexander, a new and exciting voice in the genre of contemporary romance. Her debut novel, “Love Buzz,” was first published on May 2, 2023, and it has since captured the hearts of readers.

“Love Buzz” is a captivating romance novel that tells the story of Serena Khan, a woman whose life is turned upside down after a chance romantic encounter at a Mardi Gras bachelorette party. The narrative is set against the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans and Seattle, creating a rich tapestry that enhances the appeal of the story.

In this novel, Neely skillfully explores the complexities of modern life and relationships. She takes readers on a journey of self-discovery through Serena’s character, who must decide whether to pursue her passion or stick to the safe and stable life she has always known. It’s a compelling narrative that resonates with readers, making them question their own choices and priorities.

She presents the story in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening, keeping readers hooked from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a book that combines romance, self-discovery, and the complexities of modern life, this one is definitely worth a read.

4) Rachel Greenlaw (Book: One Christmas Morning)

Rachel Greenlaw doesn’t reside in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, but on a small place of islands nestled deep in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the south coast of the UK. This unique setting fuels her creativity and provides an endless source of inspiration for her writing.

Her debut adult novel, “One Christmas Morning,” published by HarperCollins imprints Avon (US & Canada) and HQ (UK), is a testament to her storytelling prowess.

Rachel Greenlaw’s “One Christmas Morning” is a heartwarming holiday-themed novel that expertly blends elements of romance and magical realism.

The narrative centers around Eva, a woman who has been trying to forget the tragic events of a past Christmas that shattered her world. When she is forced to confront her pain head-on, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing, offering readers an inspiring and moving tale.

The novel delves deep into the complexities of relationships and the human ability to heal, making it a compelling read for anyone seeking a story that goes beyond the usual tropes of the romance genre. It also touches upon the theme of magical realism, adding a unique twist to the narrative.

5) Elle Everhart (Book: Wanderlust)

Elle Everhart, a contemporary author known for her enchanting storytelling and captivating characters, has made her mark in the literary world with her debut novel, “Wanderlust.” This book, which is a delightful blend of romance, adult fiction, and travel, was first published on July 4, 2023.

“Wanderlust” is a testament to Everhart’s talent for weaving intricate narratives that transport readers into a world of their own. The story unfolds through 368 pages of immersive prose, where emotions run high, and characters come alive.

Everhart’s work is not just about spinning tales of love; it also explores contemporary themes and presents them through a lens of sensitivity and understanding.

The story revolves around Dylan Coughlan, a magazine writer stuck in a creative rut and longing to escape London’s dreary weather.

On a whim, Dylan calls a radio station and wins a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Her travel companion is chosen through a game of contact roulette on her phone, landing on ‘Jack the Posho,’ an unbearably posh and uptight man she once met and unintentionally ghosted.

Despite their differences, Jack and Dylan embark on a life-changing trip. Dylan’s boss offers her a column if they can create a successful series about their adventure.

Determined to seize the opportunity, Dylan stretches the truth about her relationship with Jack for her readers. As their journey progresses, their bond deepens. Dylan faces a crossroads, questioning the cost of her career ambitions on her personal life.

“Wanderlust” is a beautifully crafted narrative that explores themes of self-discovery, ambition, and unexpected romance. It’s a good example to Everhart’s ability to create relatable characters and weave a compelling storyline that resonates with readers long after they turn the last page.

6) Liz Locke (Book: Follow the Sun)

“Follow the Sun,” the debut novel by Liz Locke, is an exhilarating journey through the International Jet Set Era of the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of an ambitious singer-songwriter.

This book is ideal for fans of Jess Walter’s “Beautiful Ruins” and Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones & The Six,” and it beautifully captures the essence of sixties pop culture, fashion, and film.

The story centers around socialite Caroline Kimball who uses travel as an escape from her adult responsibilities and to hide her musical aspirations from her disapproving mother.

However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Jack “Tex” Fairchild, a charming magazine photographer, by a hotel pool in Acapulco.

Tex encourages Caroline to step out of her golden cage and chase her dreams. Inspired, Caroline leaves her privileged life behind and runs away with Tex to a small Spanish island, where she confronts the tragic death of her father.

Yet, when her mother’s concealed secrets catch up with her and a ghost from her past resurfaces unexpectedly, Caroline finds herself torn between her whirlwind romance with Tex, her burgeoning music career, and saving her family from financial ruin.

“Follow the Sun” offers readers a sun-drenched trip across the stunning beaches of Acapulco, down the powdered ski slopes of Gstaad, from the turquoise waters of Formentera to the Sunset Strip.

It narrates a compelling story about following your dreams and discovering your true self.

Locke’s narrative style, described as emotionally resonant and heartbreakingly poignant, akin to Chanel Cleeton’s. It makes this 352-page paperback a captivating read that explores love, ambition, and identity against the backdrop of the glamorous 1960s.

7) Donna Norman-Carbone (Book: All That is Sacred)

“All That is Sacred,” is debut novel of Donna Norman-Carbone, a poignant exploration of grief, friendship, and the power of unspoken bonds.

The author’s knack for capturing deep emotions and intricate human relationships shines through in this compelling narrative.

The story revolves around Lynn, who, after a fatal accident, finds herself stranded between the physical world and the afterlife. In this in-between existence, she becomes a silent witness to the grief experienced by her loved ones as they grapple with her sudden departure.

Lynn’s lifelong friends are not just grappling with their loss but also with unresolved issues in their friendship. Taking advantage of her unique position, Lynn nudges them to reunite at a beachside cottage on the first anniversary of her death.

She hopes that by reminding them of a sacred promise they made, it will lead them to confront truths they had been avoiding and start their healing process.

As Lynn navigates this journey of mending the relationships she left behind, she realizes that her biggest challenge will be to let go.

“All That is Sacred” is a heartrending tale that explores the complexity of human emotions, the strength of friendships, and the catharsis that comes from facing difficult truths.

Norman-Carbone’s writing style is sensitive and evocative, making this novel a captivating read. Her ability to explore complex themes with grace and empathy has earned her a place in the realm of contemporary women’s fiction.

8) Audrey Ingram (Book: The River Runs South)

Audrey Ingram’s debut novel, “The River Runs South,” is a beautifully crafted narrative that explores love, loss, and the courage to start anew. It’s an emotionally rich fiction that resonates with anyone who has ever felt a bit lost, making it a perfect read for fans of Kristy Woodson Harvey and Linda Holmes.

The story revolves around Camille Taylor, who, after her husband’s unexpected demise, sees her carefully constructed life in Washington, DC, crumble into pieces. After nearly a year of struggle, she reaches a breaking point and retreats to the Alabama coast where she grew up, along with her daughter.

The tranquil rhythms of coastal life and the soothing salt air help heal Camille’s spirit. However, her peace is disrupted when she meets local fisherman Mack Phillips and learns about a looming ecological crisis in her hometown.

Runoff from an abandoned development site is causing pollution, leading Mack to file a lawsuit against the site’s owners – one of whom is Camille’s father.

Torn between her love for her hometown’s fragile ecosystem and loyalty towards her father, Camille joins her father’s defense team. As she delves deeper into the case, she finds herself questioning her allegiances. Meanwhile, she is increasingly drawn to Mack’s unwavering resolve and ideals.

“The River Runs South” presents a timely commentary on Alabama’s delicate ecosystem and navigates themes of grief, love, and community. It captures the nostalgia of Southern life, making it an appealing read for those who love Southern fiction.

With her debut novel, Ingram has demonstrated a remarkable ability to weave a compelling narrative that tugs at the heartstrings while exploring complex themes. Her writing style is evocative and immersive, setting the stage for a promising literary journey.

9) Amber Roberts (Book: Text Appeal)

Amber Roberts makes a striking debut in the literary world with her novel “Text Appeal,” a contemporary romance that explores the complexities of adult relationships, the blurred lines between friendship and romantic love, and the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

Published on August 8, 2023, the book is a delightful blend of romance, contemporary fiction, chick lit, and adult fiction.

“Text Appeal” tells the story of Lark, the only woman programmer at her firm, who loses her job after an unfortunate incident during a presentation. With her dream job lost and facing financial uncertainty, a friend suggests text message-based sex work as a temporary solution.

Although initially hesitant, Lark finds herself surprisingly adept at the digital work, even as she grapples with how to explain her new job. Complicating matters is Toby, her good friend and unrequited love, whose relationship with Lark deepens as she navigates her new career.

A particular client’s charm and wit further complicate Lark’s life, leading to a struggle to separate work from personal feelings.

Amber Roberts’s “Text Appeal” is a celebration of women in STEM and the transition from friends to lovers. It also highlights the realities of finding love in the digital age. The novel is sure to resonate with fans of Helen Hoang and Jen DeLuca, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary romance.

Roberts’s storytelling skill shines through in this debut, showcasing her ability to weave a complex narrative that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

Her exploration of modern dating practices and the role of technology in shaping relationships adds a layer of realism that will appeal to readers navigating similar experiences.

10) Joanna Monahan (Book: Something Better)

Joanna Monahan makes her literary debut with “Something Better,” a romance novel that deftly explores the themes of self-discovery, coming-of-age, and the complexities of love. First published on June 24, 2023, this book is an engaging blend of romance and personal growth.

“Something Better” centers on Corinne Fuller, a woman trapped in a stagnant marriage and facing the prospect of an empty nest. Corinne spends her days oscillating between fantasy and reality, imagining herself as the protagonist of a lost true-love fairytale.

An unexpected encounter at a high school reunion offers Corinne a tantalizing glimpse into an alternate path when she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Nick. The encounter stirs up old feelings and leaves Corinne questioning the choices she’s made.

Back home, Corinne’s world is in turmoil. Her relationship with her husband appears to be on shaky ground, and her daughter’s blooming romance with the boy next door triggers nostalgia for the thrill of first love. Torn between the allure of ‘what if’ and the reality of ‘what is,’ Corinne must navigate her way through these emotional crossroads.

“Something Better” is a compelling tale of love, family, and the challenges of middle age. It captures the essence of life’s pivotal moments and the decisions that shape our lives. Monahan’s nuanced portrayal of her characters and their struggles make the book a relatable and thought-provoking read.

11) Isa Arsén (Book: Shoot the Moon)

Isa Arsén’s debut novel, “Shoot the Moon,” is an ambitious narrative that beautifully blends historical fiction, science fiction, romance, and LGBT themes.

First published on October 10, 2023, this book demonstrates Arsén’s talent for creating a richly layered narrative set against the backdrop of one of humanity’s most significant achievements.

“Shoot the Moon” tells the story of Annie Fisk, a brilliant but lonely physics graduate with an unshakeable affinity for space. When she secures a job as a NASA secretary during the historic Apollo 11 mission, she feels she has found her destiny. Leaving behind a past marked by loss, Annie immerses herself in her work, finding fulfillment even in the most mundane tasks. Despite her growing attraction to an engineer, she remains focused on her career.

Annie’s life takes an unexpected turn when she corrects an engineer’s miscalculations, leading to a promotion and a series of events that challenge her understanding of scientific truth. As she grapples with her ambition, her heart, and a startling discovery, Annie must decide whether to reach for the stars or lose herself in the process.

Told in a non-linear fashion, “Shoot the Moon” explores one woman’s quest for intellectual fulfillment and romantic love, the price of scientific progress, and the heart’s longing for home. It is a daring exploration of ambition, love, and the human capacity for growth and change.

Her sensitive portrayal of Annie’s journey, set against the backdrop of one of the most exciting periods in scientific history, makes her a promising new voice in the realm of historical fiction.

In short, each of these authors brings a unique perspective to the beloved genre of romance, offering a diverse array of stories that touch on themes of love, empowerment, and inclusivity.


The world of romance fiction is richer and more inspiring when the voices of female authors are celebrated and elevated. As readers, we are fortunate to witness the emergence of these remarkable talents, whose stories have the power to resonate and connect.

The promise of a good book, particularly within the framework of romance, is the opportunity to step into a world where love conquers all, and these new female authors offer just that—a chance to believe in the magic of love.

As we continue to embrace these narratives, let us remember the profound impact that each story can have, particularly when told through the lens of these gifted new female romance authors.

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