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Explore the most recent works by DS Johnson – Mills, who skilfully combines English charm and island roots. “Choosing Me” presents endearing individuals who navigate life’s curves with humour and heart. In the sequel, “Choosing Love,” set off on a fresh adventure where hardships give way to love. Enter these stories and immerse yourself in the lively locations and realistic stories that await. Come along on DS Johnson – Mills’ literary journey, where every page holds the possibility of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Choosing Me

At the heart of ‘Choosing Me’ is the heroism of forgiveness, a theme that resounds as the characters grapple with their past and their relationships. An intense and steamy romance adds sparks to the tale, giving readers a taste of the passion and longing that often accompanies love.

As secrets are unravelled, bonds are mended, and characters confront their demons, ‘Choosing Me’ reminds us of the power of loyal friends and the strength that comes from choosing oneself. It’s a friendly and uplifting reminder that even in life’s most unexpected twists and turns, the journey is enriched by the people who stand by us and the choices we make along the way.

Through the streets of London, the novel weaves a narrative that mirrors the complexities of real life, where love, family and loyalty take centre stage and personal growth becomes an empowering journey. ‘Choosing Me’ is a story that speaks to the hearts of readers, reminding us that in the end, the choices we make define our path, and the support of friends and family guides us through every challenge.


Choosing Love

‘Choosing Love’ is the romance sequel to ‘Choosing Me’.

In ‘Choosing Love’ Dylan grapples with her monumental decision to walk away from Markus and the life that he laid out before her. She has suffered heavy losses in the past so this is nothing new. Her heart has already been broken. At two she lost her mother to an unknown enemy and then her beloved Grandmother Rose who was guiding her steps through life suddenly passed away causing her to pull away from her father and sister. She always finds solace in the arms of another man, her best friend Toby. But none of her coping mechanisms seem to work this time around and it does not take long before she falls back into the willing arms of Markus. She succumbs yet again, surrendering to the fiery passion that all but consumes her. Yet the shadows loom ever closer as Markus’ past threatens to obliterate their future. Every turn of the page takes Dylan closer to the life she craves but only if she is brave enough to take it.

Will Dylan allow her fears and childhood trauma to shatter her dreams?

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