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DS Johnson – Mills, who was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Montserrat, effortlessly captures the essence of her love of storytelling. She wrote her first book, “Choosing Me,” combining likable characters and interesting narratives, after having an accidental encounter as inspiration. Later, her creative pen came up with the sequel called ‘Choosing Love’ which is full of adventure and emotions. From the first page to the last, moving words, both of DS Johnson- Mills’s books are masterful works of storytelling.

DS Johnson – Mills, now lives in England with her family and keeps working on her magic by focusing on her writing practices regularly. She welcomes readers into worlds where familiar individuals find love and friendships amid gripping storytelling, drawing on her mixed origins.

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Explore the most recent works by DS Johnson – Mills, who skillfully combines English charm and island roots. “Choosing Me” presents endearing individuals who navigate life’s curves with humor and heart. In the sequel, “Choosing Love,” set off on a fresh adventure where hardships give way to love. Enter these stories and immerse yourself in the lively locations and realistic stories that await. Come along on DS Johnson – Mills’ literary journey, where every page holds the possibility of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DS Johnson-Mills writes mostly romantic novels that provide readers interesting tales of love, self-realization, and personal development.

Each book may be read on its own, but starting with "Choosing Me" and then reading "Choosing Love," will help readers understand the characters and their experiences better.

Characteristics of DS Johnson-Mills’s writing style include vivid world-building, compelling plots, and deep character development. Love, friendship, and the journey of self-discovery are some of the captivating topics that readers may anticipate.

What the Readers think​

Emily M

The book "Choosing Me" was so captivating that I had a hard time putting it down. I was interested in the plot from the very beginning, and the characters were so genuine. 'Choosing Love' captivated just as much! Both the books were amazing!

Maya K

My expectations were exceeded by the books of DS Johnson – Mills. 'Choosing Love' and 'Choosing Me' took me to lively places.

Sarah T

Offering a fresh adventure brimming with passion and adventure, both the books by DS Johnson were beyond my expectations.

R. Jessica

DS Johnson-Mills' books are like hugs. 'Choosing Me' and 'Choosing Love' rocked my world with love. She makes characters feel like people you know, therefore I couldn't stop reading.

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